Its exam season again. Do we need assessment?

When COVID hit exactly a year back, Governments the world over suddenly found themselves unable to conduct exams. Board exams were cut short, school exams were cancelled. Students were promoted to the next grade without any formal assessment. Why are assessments even required at the end of the year? NCERT prescribes a curriculum for schools, according to scientific and well researched data around which concepts should be taught at which age. Hence at the end of the academic year, it is important to gauge whether students have grasped appropriate concepts and test their readiness for the next academic year.

Sure – the learning level for each student is different. It then becomes important to identify the gap for each student and help them to cover it before they move on to move advanced concepts. The onus of doing this often falls on the teacher. Teachers were an overburdened lot even before the pandemic. In the past year, educators have had to think out of the box, unlearn and relearn teaching methods and struggle with tech that they have never used before. Add to this, irate parents and uninterested students – and education becomes a trainwreck.

Ed-tech saw a boom this past year. Startups came into a lot of money and propagated innovative ideas for online teaching. Videos lectures, online in-person classes, teaching aids, holograms became popular. Lot of technology was given away free to attract customers in the form of schools and parents.

So amid all this upheaval – has learning happened? With connectivity issues, reduced portion and loss of teacher-peer interaction, are students ready to move to the next grade?

No matter which medium is used to teach, the only way to gauge learning is through well structured and comprehensive assessment. Not to judge students, but to measure how much they have learnt, where they are struggling, and how to help them. Assessment to facilitate understanding. To bridge the gap between teaching and learning………………the new normal. 

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