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5 Tools Which Will Improve Your Child’s Learning Skills

Throughout the world, children are the same: full of fun, laughter, games, and pranks! Anywhere you go, you can see children laughing and enjoying themselves only when they are playing. However, this usually does not occur when they are learning.

Learning is an absolute necessity for children to open their minds to knowledge. So, how does one make such a kid totally engrossed in playing, learn? It is a Himalayan task, indeed, but not impossible!

Children can be made to develop their learning skills and take an interest in academics with the help of some invaluable tools like the ones given below. It is all about ‘edutainment’ (education + entertainment). Let’s take a look.

5 Learning Tools Which Will Interest and Challenge Your Child

Getting your child to learn can be a formidable challenge. Parents need the help of some tools to incite their children to learn. Listed below are some websites that enhance learning skills and can be used to evoke your child’s interest in learning.

1. Cram

Cramming their heads with information is one thing that children hate. However, they can use Cram – the online flashcards app. This app allows children to learn and memorize facts on any subject. The simple interface has the question on the front and the answer on the back of a flashcard.

Aptly named Cram, this app uses the flashcards created by others to fill a child’s mind with facts easily. Since the app works both online and offline, it is very useful as your child can access it anytime and anywhere.

Dry topics become fun when your child uses Cram. With an enormous resource-pool of over 1 crore flashcards, there is no dearth of information. The students can create the cards themselves and fill in their own answers, or use those from the pool.

Instead of cramming for a test at the last minute, use Cram!

2. SparkNotes

While preparing for exams at the last minute, students often find it tedious and time-consuming to go through the entire lesson. They prefer to refer to study guides instead, where the lesson is briefly summarized. One website which offers study guides for many subjects is SparkNotes.

SparkNotes is an able study tool for subjects like English Literature, History, Poetry, and more. An easy-to-use website, SparkNotes features 500+ study guides for many subjects like philosophy, sociology, or political science.

With SparkNotes, even last minute learning becomes easy for your child. This tool, and similar ones such as CliffsNotes and Shmoop, are especially great for English literature and novels, providing simple explanations. You get summaries of popular books written by everyone from Jane Austen to Stephen King, in an entertaining and educational manner. They even offer modern-day translations for Shakespearean texts.

Never fear when Spark Notes is here!

3. Khan Academy

For children grappling with Maths and Science, Khan Academy comes as a saviour. Khan Academy is a popular and interactive website that offers online video tutorials for many subjects like Physics, Engineering, Calculus, Computing, Arts & Humanities, Economics, Finance, and more.

Kids can view the videos for free on YouTube or on their site. The Khan Academy Kids app is also available for young students and can be downloaded for free on the Google Play Store to learn on the go.

Khan Academy is a great way to understand the basics and get a solid foundation on a subject before diving in-depth.

4. CoolMathGames

Maths is something that must be learned through practice. CoolMathGames is just the website you’re looking for. It allows your child to tackle Maths in a playful way through fun and games. Thanks to gamification, your child can learn about Maths concepts such as strategy, skill, logic, and numbers and enjoy it in the process.

Many kinds of games, from random games to daily games are available on this site. If your child loves computer games, then they can quench their thirst here. The difference is these games are not just for fun. Instead, they give the added benefit of automatically training your child’s brain to execute the Maths problems more swiftly.

So, the next time your child wants to play games online, log him/her on to CoolMathGames.

5. LetsPractise

An expert online learning website, LetsPractise aims at assisting children to understand the concepts learnt in class in a better manner and helps them to prepare for exams. LetsPractise is designed to make exam preparation for students easier as it focuses on the concept of practice to attain perfection in academics.

LetsPractise has a huge repository of practice materials in the form of solved and unsolved question papers,  board questions, past question papers, worksheets, revision sheets. Questions are available in both Multiple choice questions and Long text format questions.

A database of 4 lakh questions is available catering to the various syllabi like IGCSE, State Board, CBSE, ICSE, etc. for classes from 1st to 10th.

When it comes to exam preparation, LetsPractise is the best study tool your child can use to gain perfection by practice in academics.

Why is LetsPractise the best tool for upgrading your child’s learning skills?

  • Learning is not just the input of concepts but has more to do with applying them efficiently. This is where LetsPractise scores over others. Let’s Practise has a unique assortment of questions that require your child to apply concepts only after thorough understanding.
  • LetsPractise ensures complete understanding of concepts by posing different types of questions on the same topic.
  • LetsPractise is specifically tailor-made to suit the Indian Educational System and has its course content prepared by expert teachers and parents who know the time-tested formula for practice-learning.
  • LetsPractise does not stop with mere question papers but also offers concise worksheets for quick revision and study.
  • The panel of academic experts at LetsPractise are forever ready to clarify any doubts from children anytime online.

If you want your child to get a better understanding of their subjects, it’s time to start using these tools. Browse through the various pricing plans that we offer and contact us if you require additional details.

Gear up your child’s learning skills through daily practice with LetsPractise.

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