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Why Should We Educate Girls?

Today (March 8th) is International Women’s Day. It is a day for advancement of rights of females all over the planet, both young and old. The theme for Women’s Day 2019 is “Think equal, build smart, innovate for change”.

The day is also an important time for raising awareness of feminine issues. One such burning issue is “Education of the Girl Child”.

Facts About Female Education

While we are on this topic, there are a couple of facts we should be aware of first.

  • ‘Literacy rate’ is defined as the ability to read and write. Do you know that the world average for the female literacy rate is 79.7% while India stands at just 65.6%? Even our neighbor, the heavily populated China has surpassed us with 82.7%.
  • Are you aware that 65% of female students drop out of school when they attain puberty?
  • In India, do you know that while Kerala boasts a female literacy rate of 92%, Bihar is at a pathetic 51.5% female literacy rate?

What does all this mean? One thing: There is still a dire need to educate girls.

Even though the world as a whole may be advancing in terms of technology and transportation, one thing remains suppressed: female education. Why should we educate girls? We’ll tell you.

10 Reasons Why We Should Educate Girls

There are a lot of things that can be achieved by providing quality education to women. Educating girls has a lot of potential benefits to the society and the world. We have listed some of them here.

1. Creates a Healthy Family

According to the UNESCO, providing secondary education to mothers can save 12 million children from stunted growth and malnutrition. Since most of the infant deaths under 5% are due to malnutrition, this can be prevented by educating mothers.

An educated woman takes better care of her family and children.  She will be more aware of the importance of providing healthy nutrition and timely vaccination for her children. Mothers, especially single mothers need to be educated in order to take care of their child or children.

2. Lowers Infant Mortality

By providing girls with secondary education, we can reduce infant mortality by 50% and save the lives of 3 million newborns on Earth. The child of educated women is less likely to die before its first year. This is when they are the weakest and most vulnerable This is because an educated woman is less likely to contract HIV or AIDs and does not pass it on to her children.

She is more alert and aware of the causes of infant mortality and protects the child from infant death by taking timely vaccinations during her pregnancy and other health precautions. Thus, by educating a woman, you are not only helping one life, but saving another.

3. Decreases Deaths From Pregnancy

Women who are educated are more conscious of their health. They have fewer pregnancies and are hence less likely to die during pregnancy, childbirth, or the post-pregnancy period. Educated potential mothers are also more informed of what to do and what to avoid during pregnancy.

Educating more women also means providing more female healthcare workers to assist other women during pregnancy and childbirth. All this reduces maternal mortality and deaths during pregnancy by half. Again, we are saving not one life, but two.

4. Improves Socio-Economic Growth

Educated women stand better chances of gaining employment. This means a better quality of life, better health, education and future for the family. More well-educated people in the workforce leads to a healthier business sector and economy for the country.

It also helps in female empowerment and reduces female discrimination in offices. Educating women enhances the socio-economic growth of the family and society.

5. Stops Child Marriages

Educated girls aspire to study further, gain employment and enhance their personal standing in society. They wish to be self-reliant and independent. so they say “no” to child marriages and concentrate on pursuing their education.

Child marriages are the worst kind of social evil and cause early deaths of mothers and children. By educating girls, we can make them realize the risks of child marriage and prevent them from getting married early for their own welfare. The family will also not marry off their girl child for money.

6. Reduces Population

An educated woman knows that a “small family is a happy family”. Educating women makes them understand the perils of repeated pregnancies and the disadvantage of population explosion.

Educated women will also place more focus on their careers rather than just raising a family. Lesser population means better resources and opportunities without much competition. Women’s education is the first step to decrease population explosion.

7. No More Domestic Violence and Harassment

An educated woman knows how to exercise her rights and safeguard herself at both home and in society. The rate of exploitation, harassment, and domestic violence will go down because an educated woman will not be afraid to stand for what’s right.

Educated girls stand up boldly against domestic violence and sexual harassment or exploitation. In this #MeToo era, education gives a girl the courage to defend herself and seek social justice against such evils that plague society.

8. Better Political Participation

Representation of women in the governance of a nation is an absolute must and educating the girl child is the first step towards this process. No one knows women better than a woman herself and females deserve a right to vote and be heard. Educated women will both vote for politicians and run for political offices.

It goes without saying that women should have a say in the political process of this country, and educated women are more informed of policies. They should exercise their voting rights and choose the candidate who will work best for their cause. Educating girls from a young age helps them understand politics and gets them involved in the political process of the country. The more educated people that vote, better the future of the world will be.

9. No More Anti-National Tendencies

Uneducated girls are easy prey to terrorist organizations or enemy nations who brainwash them and force or fool them into becoming anti-nationals or terrorists.

Educating a girl child prevents her from going astray and becoming unknowingly militant. They cannot be duped or tricked as easily as an uneducated person. They are now well informed and contribute positively to the nation.

10. National Progress

Educating a woman is the first step to national progress. Educated women become better entrepreneurs, better administrators, and spokeswomen, furthering the progress of the nation. They are proud to represent the nation.

Girls must be educated in order to promote the welfare of the family, society, and nation. We must put a stop to female infanticide, child marriage, discrimination, and harassment against women if we want our planet to prosper. Female education is the answer.

Educate Girls to Improve the Country and World

Online practice learning sites like LetsPractise are dedicated to contributing to the cause of women education and further female participation in the education system.

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On this Women’s Day 2019, let us all take a pledge towards women education and empowerment. Beti bachao, beti padhao.

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