What do teachers expect from parents to help their children perform better?

What Teachers Expect From Parents to Help Their Children Perform Better

Every parent’s aspiration is for their child to excel. At school, this excellence can be brought about only with the help of teachers. Teachers too aim at motivating their children to put in their best efforts. So for a child to excel at school, a joint effort is needed from both parents and teachers. This parent-teacher connectivity is the base for a student’s academic success.

We all know what parents expect of teachers when it comes to coaching their wards? but have you thought for a moment What teachers expect from parents to help their children perform better? If not, let’s do it now.

What do teachers expect from parents?

  1.     Explicit trust in the Teacher

The basic foundation of parent-teacher coordination is complete trust. Parents should fully believe that they have entrusted their child to the right hands. They should communicate this trust to the child. Only then will the child truly believe that the Teacher is right in what they say and guide.

It is normal for children who struggle in their studies to blame the teacher. Do not be mislead by their accusations. Instead meet the Teacher personally, express your anxieties and try to elicit their support.

  1.     Personal involvement

children who excel normally have parents who are totally involved in their studies. Take time to be personally involved and updated about the activities at school, syllabus, portions covered, your child’s performance etc.

Some parents act detached or disinterested as they think their jobs are done after dropping off the kid at school and paying their fees. Please remember that when you care, you share their burden and then their success too.

  1.    Share their burden

Many parents believe that academics are the sole responsibility of teachers at school. Unfortunately, this is not so. What your child does at home after school, becomes your responsibility. Monitoring his studies at home is your duty.

Share the burden of teachers and join hands with them to help your child succeed.

  1.     Adherence to Teacher’s guidelines

Follow strictly what the teacher prescribes at school. The Teacher is thoroughly informed about the syllabus and current exam scenario. Moreover, it is the Teacher and not you who watches your child at school. The Teacher is the best judge of what is right for your kid.

Giving contradictory remarks or suggestions will only confuse your child and make take an easy way out to skip studies on account of this.

  1.     Regular interaction with Teacher

Meet the Teacher periodically – at least twice a month and discuss your child’s progress. Learn firsthand about his performance, strengths and weaknesses. Take the Teacher into confidence to work out what is best for your child.

  1.     Updating teacher personally

Keep the teacher updated on your child- his study patterns, behavioural changes, new interests etc. After all, the Teacher is the substitute parent at the school.

You must also update yourself regularly on the Teacher’s inputs for your child.

  1.    Leading by example

Practise what you preach. Always try to lead by example by refraining from bad behaviour and language, violence etc. If you don’t want your kid to waste time on TV, you switch off the TV first.

  1.     Focus and Priority

Focus on your child’s success and prioritize what is needed for that. Planning a jolly trip or watching a movie while your child has exams will only dilute his intensity of focus in studies. Give priority to his studies first.

  1.     Avoiding distractions

Avoid distractions like TV, films, games, parties and outings when your child has exams. Reducing distractions increases concentration and effort from your child.

  1.  Full support

Support your child fully by motivating, encouraging and nourishing him with healthy food. Support the Teacher too fully in implementing the action plan for your child’s success.

Remember teachers are the beacon lights who steer your child towards success. Gain their support by believing, trusting and co-operating with them to mould your children into noble citizens. Parent-teacher connectivity is like a railway track – both lines should go parallel and hand-in-hand for your child’s train to reach the destination of success. Reach out a helping hand to Teachers and watch them guide your child to the pinnacle of excellence.

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