Why Teamwork is the Key – In Education as Well as Sports

“Alone we can do so little, together we can do so much”, said Helen Keller and this is the basic foundation of teamwork.

What is teamwork?

Teamwork is defined as “a joint and coordinated effort taken by a set of individuals with a common goal in mind”. All the individuals of the team are interdependent on each other and require the cooperation of their fellow participants to achieve this goal. Teamwork is the key to success in both education and sports. How? Take a look.

Teamwork in education

School offers the best platform for teamwork. Group projects, assignments and discussions are advocated at school to promote the team spirit. Teamwork is considered to be a vital quality in a student to succeed in life.  Look at the ways in which teamwork helps students at the school.

1. Creates synergy

When students function together as a team, they realize the importance of focussing towards the goal.  Each student may have his individual talent to promote but keeping in mind the objective of the task on hand, he/she interacts with others to achieve the goal. Here the students focus on the combined effort rather than individual performance. Thus teamwork teaches them the concept of “synergy” where “their combined effort or sum is greater than the individual parts or performances.”

2. Teaches troubleshooting

When working as a team on a project, the students delegate responsibilities to themselves and finally combine their efforts to realize the project’s goal. If the ultimate result is not favourable, they work towards identifying the bottlenecks or constraints that prevent them from achieving their goal. Thus teamwork helps to learn the art of “troubleshooting”.

3. Induces flexibility

Students working as a team have to learn to adapt to situations. Supposing they are assigned a group project by the teacher and suddenly the topic is changed.  The students have no choice but to work on the new topic. When they work as a team, they learn to adjust and adapt better as they have the strength of their teammates to fall upon and so have the confidence of handling any topic. Thus teamwork flexibility in students.

4. Inculcates crisis-management skills

Opinions differ even among students. Students operating as individuals or as groups tend to look at conflicting opinions as problems. But when the students work together as a team, they listen to the conflicting opinions and look at them as opportunities for learning and growth. Team members tend to resolve conflicts better and manage crises efficiently as their ultimate aim is realizing the team’s objective.

5. Promotes leadership

Students tend to gain leadership qualities while working as a team. The leadership traits they learn are sharing, respecting the opinions of others, acknowledging the contribution of their peers, motivating others, resolving conflicts and guiding the team. Teamwork thus promotes these leadership qualities in each and every member of the team to transform them into a better individual.

Teamwork is an integral part of education as it is implemented in group activities at school. 

Teamwork in Sport

Let us now see how teamwork is vital for sport.

1. Coordination

Sports like football and basketball are team activities which require a coordinated effort. All the players in football have their own individual positions like striker, winger, midfielder, defender, goalkeeper etc. But only when they all play with coordination, can they strike the goal.

2. Sportsmanship

In games like cricket, sportsmanship is an admirable trait. The Captain of the team has to spearhead the team and work towards propelling the team to win the watch. The Captain pays more attention to providing opportunities for the right players at the right time rather than promoting his individual performance. This is the essence of sportsmanship taught by team spirit.

Using teamwork for practice

Students can work as teams and prepare for exams. They can exchange practice questions from LetsPractise and discuss the problems and solve them together. Using teamwork for practice creates a positive learning environ for the child.

Be it education or sports, Teamwork is the element that helps students scale the ladder of success as better individuals.