Six Amazing Summer Ideas for your Kids

Summer is finally here, after all the stressful exams, piles of homework, assignments and continuous hard work through the academic year! The scorching sun and sweltering heat cannot stop you from having fun now. 

Aside from visiting relatives, going to the mall or movies and/or enrolling in summer classes, do you have any summer plans?

Here are six amazing ideas to utilize this summer effectively:

Inculcate the reading habit

Reading is an essential part of learning. With multiple distractions, it is very difficult to develop the reading habit in your child.  So, this vacation gift your child some wonderful books of interest to her – fantasy, adventure, fiction, etc. Ask her to critique the plot, main characters, the beginning and the end. This develops a structured thinking process in their minds.

“Any book that helps a child to form a habit of reading, to make reading one of his deep and continuing needs, is good for him.” – Maya Angelou

 Cooking can be fun!

Cooking with kids is another fun activity. If your child is a foodie and she has a passion for cooking, encourage her. Let them experiment with ingredients and flavors. Find some kids friendly recipes here and make sure you are there to assist during the entire process. Help them with the chopping and grinding to ease their work but keep younger children away from knifes and scissors to avoid any injury. We are sure you will be pleasantly happy to see the big smile on her face once the dish is ready.

Experimenting with Science

Children can grasp concepts better if they experience them. Here are few science experiments that your children will love.  Buy some ‘Do It Yourself’ (DIY) kits that are available in the market. Watch your child learn as she plays!

Transform a boring visit into a fun time

Children can get bored if you pack too many visits to temples and museums in a single-day schedule. Research these places on the internet, ferret out nuggets of information about our glorious history and ancient science, offer them prizes for guessing artifacts or dates correctly. Check this list to plan your summer day out.

Create a summer scrapbook

Ask your child to create an online scrapbook this summer and build a photographic diary that represents good memories of the day. She can then upload these pictures, pen down her experiences and share with a close group of trusted friends or relatives. Who knows, a brilliant photographer or talented writer may be unearthed?

Awaken her creative genius

creative genius

Summer is the time to follow interests, discover new passions, and experiment with new ideas. The School organizes few arts and crafts competitions but academic pressure may limit her from sharpening her creative genius. Now is the time to try new things. So encourage her to craft something special. If she loves beaches then here are some beach crafts that she can start with.

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