The Unique Power of After School Learning

After school learning programs are organised for students to extend the learning experience beyond school hours. These programs include academic help, skill development, creative art development, sports and other extracurricular programs.

If you find the following troubling issues with your child, then an academic after school program may be worth looking into:

  • Poor grades
  • Lack of confidence
  • Difficulty in learning

A good after school program is a boon for working parents who get to spend less time with kids. It will help your child learn and develop essential skills with fun.

Since there are various after school programs offered for school kids and teenagers, let’s try to understand the benefits that they offer to both working and non-working parents.

So, how can the academic program help him?

The power of after-school learning can be understood as your browse through the blog post from experts at Lets Practise:

1. Utilise the after school hours efficiently.

Children have access to mobile phones and others gadgets from a young age. Even a toddler can be seen watching rhymes on his mum’s iPhone. You will also agree with us that your child cannot sit quietly in a place for more than 10 or 15 minutes. With an overactive brain and hundreds of queries, they try to find answers on the internet. Parents cannot keep an eye on their children all the time and the risk is higher in the case of working parents.

A good after school program keeps your child engaged with useful stuff and safe at the same time.

2. Skill development.

The after school program integrates a child’s emotional and social skills development with the academic skills. The child thus develops new skills and socialise with students in class easily than others.  This program also gives the child time to develop his creative genius. The after school program also monitors and notes down the child’s academic and skill development throughout the program. This report offers an opportunity for parents to identify their child’s talents, nurture and provide channels to showcase them.

3. Academic support.

Reading and understanding what you read can be a big task for primary school kids. The After school program helps your child develop learning skills, speaking skills, communication skills etc. apart from academics. It aids students in pronouncing the word correctly and explaining the context of every complicated word they read. This broadens their understanding and students who attend after-school programs are more organised and attentive in the class.

Educative games, quiz, surprise tests and worksheets keep students hooked to what they learn. Since information presented is easy to comprehend, learning becomes fun in an after school program. This also helps students complete their homework and assignments efficiently and on time.

Let’s Practise is a unique platform that offers learning programs recommended by parents of students from grade 3-9 of CBSE, ICSE and SSC boards. Enrol your child in one the programs and let him face the exams with confidence.