Encourage Your Child to Play Outdoors Instead of With Apps

Most children nowadays seem to stay at home and play video games rather than outdoors in the fresh air. Weren’t things just so much better before those darn electronics were invented?

You may feel that way. Regardless, those pesky devices are here to stay, but there are things that you can do to obviate the situation.

Going outdoors to play is much better than staying in the house with the computer, television, and smartphone. Here is why you should encourage your child to play outside rather than with apps:

Playing in the Outdoors helps to Make Friends

Most computer games that children play are done in a solitary manner. They just sit for hours on end and play the game by themselves. There is no interaction with other kids, which is bad. Friends are a source of support and camaraderie. Sometimes they might understand your child even better than you do since they are of similar age.

Only when they go outside into the real world can children meet and greet new people. They get to make new friends who probably share the same interests as them. You’ve probably heard the saying “no man can live as an island”. It goes hand in hand with “man is a social animal”. You don’t want your child to live the loner lifestyle. Encourage them to be with their friends.

Playing Outside means Physical Activity

When your child goes outdoors to play, they are using their physical strength and energy. Both boys and girls should be encouraged to go outdoors and play. Playing outside involves actually moving your body, whether they are running, climbing, or cycling. Going outdoors is a great way to keep yourself physically active.

With a smartphone game, the child just sits in one place and watches the game. They are on the sofa or chair and barely moving. Aside from their hands, every part of their body is completely transfixed on the screen.

They get sucked into a magical realm where they can do anything. Whatever words you say will be unheard. The online world almost serves as a delusion and distraction from the things that are going on in real life such as studies and class events. Overall, it is just a lazy escape route.

Playing Outdoors is Healthier

By going outside, the child gets to breathe in the fresh air and atmosphere of the outside world. If your house doesn’t have a play area, take them to a park nearby. At the very least, ask them to play with building blocks or toys.

Playing in outdoors gets the child’s hearts racing and blood pumping. It is good for oxygen inflow and helps keep the child physically fit so they don’t become a slouch.

What do electronics do? Damage the eyes and hurt the brain of your child. Electronic devices cause the child to squint and struggle to read what is on the screen. Viewing the bright lights for too long will make them strain their eyes.

Rather than allowing your child to watch television until late in the night, make them play in the outdoors. They will get tired soon and sleep much better as a result.

Playing Outdoors takes Actual Effort

When you play in the virtual world, you can do pretty much everything easily. This is why children love it and parents should discourage it. You can point and click to construct an entire building. Through pressing of a few keys, you can smash a ball for a sixer, or score a goal, or travel long distances.

In the real world, these things are much more difficult to do. They require more effort on the part of the child. However, the child consequently feels happier when they do accomplish something in real life rather than in a video game. The difference between the two worlds should be emphasized.

Tasks are not as simple to do in reality as they are in virtual reality. You can’t become a billionaire or dancing queen or famous singer in a heartbeat. It takes time and effort and practice, and this is what video games don’t teach your kids.

Playing In Outdoors prevents Electronic Addiction

You should limit the amount of time that your child spends on their devices. For example, only one hour on weekdays and two on weekends. Playing outside should always come ahead of playing games on the mobile phone or computer.

The big problem with electronics is that they become an addiction to the point where your child can’t live without them for more than a few minutes. You never want to get to this point. Do not let your child fall into this trap. If your child is on the computer / TV/phone/tablet as you read this, send them outside right now!

Using Let’s Practise Beneficially

The online world can be very fun and creative, and it can be used in a good way as well. Therefore, you shouldn’t immediately ban all computer games and electronics. In fact, we even wrote an article about the top seven educational apps for kids.

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