Six Tips to be an Organized Mom

Mom is usually the first one in the family to wake up and the last one to go to bed. Her hectic schedule – cooking food, packing lunch, cleaning the house, laundry, etc. can make her irritable. An organized mom contributes toward a smooth and irritant-free schedule of family events. However, an unorganized ‘you’ will only result in stress.

Here are six sure shot tips to be an organized mom:

Keep a master calendar

Have a master calendar hung on the wall visible to everyone. Mark the dates of important family events, extracurricular activities, school holidays, class tests and major events at school. You can refer this calendar later to plan the day’s schedule. It will also prevent you from missing out on any important events. Also last minute logistics of travel can cost more!

Create a timetable for daily routine

The second most important tip is to design a simple easy-to-follow timetable for your children. Draft a rough timetable along with your child for the daily routines. You can then tweak it according to the day’s priorities. Setting an approximate study time, homework time, playtime, etc. will make him more organized. Inculcate in your child the habit of packing the school bag, ironing the school uniform, wearing a tie and polishing shoes and then keep them ready for the next day. This will help him to be relaxed and give a refreshing start to the day. Now all he needs to do is pack the lunch, get a pair of matching socks and voila, 75% of the morning irritation is over!

Keep things organized

Teach your kids to be organized. Don’t let them throw their school uniform around as soon as they return. Ask them to hang it neatly and roll the socks and put it along with the shoes in the shoe rack. Help them to keep the room organized by designing it suitably. Make sure all the racks and hooks are at the height that they can reach out. Buy a kid’s closet or simply arrange baskets to arrange his/hers clothes and toys. You can use cardboard boxes with different colors to sort them.

Conduct a weekly cleanup

Encourage your child to clean his room every week. Allot a day in the week to clean the study table, sort out toys and clothes. Reorganizing his room every month will help in keeping the room neat and tidy.

Use checklists

You can help your child to prepare different checklists. Checklists are the best way to keep track of his actions. He can have lists for his assignments, household chores, and also as reminders for school. Ask him to cross the tasks once accomplished.

Utilize Technology

Homemakers are always busy with some or the other work and in the case of working moms, the burden increases. You have to manage your professional and personal life together. Try using technology to ease up your work a bit. Use the contact lists to save important contacts and sort it into official and personal ones. Use the calendar to schedule important meetings and set reminders for due dates of paying bills – electricity, school and tuition fees, etc. Pay bills online to reduce the stress of standing in queues.

There is an old Indian saying.

You cannot bend a tree what you weren’t able to as a sapling.

The behaviour and habits of the child follow what he is taught at an young age. An organized mom inculcates good organization habits in her kids. So, follow the tips mentioned above and help your child to grow up as a responsible individual.

Have any more valuable organising tips? Share them with us.