10 Games Which Will Help Your Kids to Improve Their Handwriting

What is that on the paper which looks like a caterpillar’s crawl? Is that your child’s handwriting? Uh-Oh! It’s time then to get your child geared up for some activity to improve his/her handwriting. But is handwriting so important?

Why is handwriting important for kids?

A legible and clear handwriting is a must for kids because of it

  • Helps the reader to read/understand the content easily.
  • Offers a neat presentation to the text.
  • Makes the answer paper or notebook correction easier for the teacher.
  • Offers clarity to the writer to align his/her thoughts correctly.

A clear handwriting enables easy reading and hence gives a good impression to the reader. A neat handwriting with legible lettering is often seen as a “mark of perfection” by the reader. This is why most schools and even some colleges lay such strong emphasis on “good handwriting”. Some schools even award extra marks for good handwriting while some others prohibit over-writing and use of erasers.

Handwriting has gained such major importance in education that contests are held and prizes are awarded for good handwriting.

Let us take a look at some games we can use to shape your child’s handwriting.

Games to improve your child’s handwriting

Catching hold of your child and making him/her write cursive letters is not an easy task. no child would love to sit and practise handwriting while they can run out and play. So, introduce the idea of improving the child’s handwriting through fun games and watch your child transform his writing into a fine legible print.

1. Hangman

Hangman is a favourite game among kids. Use it to your advantage to transform your kid’s handwriting like this.

  • Hangman is a game where the one player thinks of a word and the other guesses it through clues or missing letters.
  • Ask the player to write down his guesses to turn this into a handwriting game.

2. 20 questions

Kids love this guessing game which can be turned into a handwriting game. One player thinks of a character- it may be a cartoon, film, mythological or real person. The others have to ask only 20 questions for which the player answers only with a YES or NO. Ask the players to write down the questions with affirmative answers. This comes up with a long list of character traits to guess the person easily. With this list, the child also practises his handwriting.

3.Passing the message

This game is surely a litmus test for good handwriting. Ask one person to write a message, number it and pass it to the next while a music is played. The next person rewrites the message, increments its number and passes it to the next person, putting the first one in a bowl. This goes on till the music stops. The final message is read out and compared with the first message. If the person gets it right, he opts out of the game else the game continues.

This game clearly reveals how a poor handwriting can lead to communication errors.

4. Scrabble Junior

Ideal for little kids, this Scrabble Game can be used to shape your kid’s handwriting by asking him/her to write down the word formed.

5. Scattergories

Scattergories is an awesome game for older kids and even adults. A lettered die is rolled and the players form words starting with this letter. Ask the players to write down the words formed. This game improves both handwriting,  general knowledge and vocabulary.

6. Dumb charades with writing

Dumb charades is an excellent game that can be used for handwriting improvement. One player thinks of a movie and acts out its name. Ask the kids to write their guesses for the names of the movies and show them instead of shouting out loud. Interesting and influential in improving handwriting, this game will really click!

7. Don’t say it.

Have a deck of cards with each card having one word and 4 other describing words that are not to be used. One player draws a card and tries to describe the word without using those on the card. Ask the others to write down their guesses. Instead of shouting their guesses out aloud, the children write down their guesses which improves their handwriting.

8. 5 Seconds

Have a set of topics. ask one child to draw a topic and the players have t write 3 things on the topic within 5 seconds. A quick game which teaches how to master handwriting skills even if writing is done at a fast pace.

9. Blurt

One kid takes a card and uses a phrase to describe the figure on the card. The others should not blurt out but write their guesses. This game is fun yet functional for handwriting improvement.

10. Pictionary

Kids love to doodle and they love Pictionary. One kid takes a card with a name on it. He draws and asks the others to write their guesses. Full of fun and laughter, this game is a big hit for both art and handwriting.

A child’s handwriting reveals the clarity and bent of his mind. Use such interesting games to improve your child’s handwriting and intellect by using such tips from Letspractise.