3 Best Gifts for Your Sister on Raksha Bandhan

The term “Raksha Bandhan”, literally means, “the bond of protection”.

This is an event that is most looked forward to by the people of India and the only occasion that celebrates the relationship between a brother and a sister. Although there is a story that goes way back to why this practice of tying a decorated rope or a bracelet called ‘Rakhi’ around the brother’s wrist, the whole idea has been forgotten. To the forgotten few, there are a great many myths but this one stands out to honor the brother-sister like relationships is the battle fought by Alexander the Great. The people of India have been practicing this for decades from the Hindu, Jain and Sikh religious backgrounds but in the recent years, it isn’t about it being a religious practice anymore but simply the honoring of this special bond we Indians give the greatest importance to.

So the practice goes like this. After the ceremonial tying of the ‘rakhi’ around the brother’s wrist, the sister applies a tilak, a colorful mark on the brother’s forehead and wishes him a long and healthy life and in return, the brother pledges to protect her and take care of her come what may. The most exciting part is when the brother presents his sister with a gift and the ritual is wrapped up with the distribution of sweets.

Choosing a rakhi for your brother is quite a simple task but for the brother in order to pledge his love for his sister can clearly be done through the chosen gift. Now, this process could be quite tedious and we all know how it could possibly go down when a sister hasn’t been gifted anything close to her expectation. For all those brothers out there confused on what to get your sister this year.

Here are the top 3 items that you could choose from but whatever you choose make sure it’s personal.

Buying a gift for a woman can be quite a task and you could go wrong in a million ways but personalizing anything for a woman sends the message that says ‘you care’ and that you have taken the time to choose and not just something that you have grabbed off the shelf.

1. Photographs

Choose one of your best moments together, be it in your adulthood or when you were kids. Memories are always cherished. ‘Go big or go home’! In order to stay trendy and suit your sister’s apartment choose a canvas wooden frame. It’s trendy with a contemporary look. She could display it anywhere in her home and be reminded of the bond you share.

2. Jewellery

These are a girl’s best friend. From gold to silver to simply choosing from those fancy beady ethic works will bring a huge smile on her face but make sure you choose wisely where the gift is a reminder of your relationship and not just extravagant. Choose from daily wear where she will be reminded of your constant love and protection or jewellery that is to be used on special occasions as a way to cherish your bond on those special days.

3. Wristwatches

It has been a recent trend to gift your sister a watch. It is both symbolic as well as a necessity. When the watch ticks every day it will be a constant reminder that you are always around and only a call away. The watch companies have realized that this is one such gift that tops the list so there are various offers for this auspicious day. Don’t forget to choose based on her personality. If your sister is a tom-boy choosing a delicate feminine one could send the wrong message. Choose wisely!

Giving a gift to your sister doesn’t always have to be extravagant. It is a day where you celebrate each other, therefore, don’t sweat it if you have a low budget simply keep in mind to be that protective, loving and caring brother you ought to be. Take her out to lunch, get to know what’s going on in her life, show her your support. We are all clearly aware that all relationships are not perfect and if you and your sister had a tiff make amends, put the past behind as nothing is as strong as a bond between siblings.