Make this Ganesh Chaturthi Special by Creating Ganesh Idols with Kids

Ganesh Chaturthi is a festival that is celebrated almost in every state of India. Kids love this Elephant God Ganesh with his round belly and swinging trunk as he looks cute and friendly to them. Moreover, he is said to be the Vighnaharta – the remover of obstacles and this is why kids believe that praying to him, will make their life trouble-free.

Ganesh Chaturthi is celebrated in the month of September with great pomp and show in India by creating idols of Ganesh, worshipping them and finally immersing them in water after the pooja. In Maharashtra, this festival is celebrated for 10 days and in South India, just for one day. Be it one or ten, it is a beautiful sight to see the procession of Ganeshas parading through the town on the final day of the visarjan or immersion.

With eco-consciousness being the need of the hour, people have stopped using paper-mache and plasticine for creating Ganeshas and are instead moving to eco-friendly options like clay, mud, etc. Let us take this opportunity to involve children in the spirit of this festival by teaching them to create Ganesh idols at home or school.

Creating Ganesh idols with kids.

1. Clay Ganesha

This cute Clay Ganesh is very easy to make and is ready within minutes. Small kids love to make this  Ganesha as it involves dabbling with clay.

Materials needed:  Potter’s Clay, Water,  small black beads, a bowl to mix, newspaper to spread


  1.    Spread the newspaper on the ground or table.
  2.   Take the clay in the bowl.
  3.   Add water little by little to it and knead it to form a dough similar to the chapati dough.
  4.   Make 2 round balls- one big and one small.
  5.   Place the small ball as the head on the large ball which is the body.
  6.   Make four small balls of dough and shape them into carrots. These are the arms and legs of the Ganesh.
  7.   Place the 2 arms and 2 legs on the  body
  8.   Make another carrot shape and bend it to form the trunk. Attach the trunk to the face.
  9.   Make 2 small balls and flatten them as the ears. Attach the ears to either side of the face.
  10.  Lastly, make 2 small balls and shape them into 2 tusks- one long and one short. Attach them to the trunk on   either side.
  11.  Place 2 black beads as the eyes of the Ganesha.
  12.  Your cute little clay Ganesha is ready. Allow him to dry and then worship him with flowers.

2. Wheat Ganesha

This Ganesha is made solely of edible items like wheat flour, turmeric etc. which are available at home and are eco-friendly.

Materials needed: Wheat Flour, Turmeric, Peppercorns, cotton thread,  beetroot, kumkum, 2 small stick/ toothpicks.


  1. Make a soft dough of Wheat flour with water.
  2. Now make 2  balls out of the dough – one small for the head and the other big one for the body.
  3. Place the small ball on top of the big one.
  4. Insert a small stick or toothpick into the head and body so that it goes straight through both, holding them together.
  5. Now merge the lines between the head and body by kneading.
  6. Make a small ball of the dough, knead it into a long tube and attach it to the face for the trunk. Fold the trunk to one side. Merge the trunk to the face and body.
  7. Form the head portion, flatten out the ears on either side.
  8. Make 2 small discs out of the dough – one large and one small. Place the large disc on top of the head covering the toothpick. Now place the smaller one. Cover this with a tiny ball of dough. This forms the crown of the Ganesha.
  9. Now make a small ball and place it in the bent trunk as his favourite sweet- the “modak”
  10. Then take some dough, knead it as a tube. Shape one end of the tube as a snake’s head. attach the snake to Ganesha’s waist.
  11. Place 2 peppercorns as the eyes of the Ganesha.
  12. Now make 2 small tusks from the dough- one long and one short and place it on either side of the trunk. Merge these tusks to the trunk and body by using toothpick gently.
  13. Your Ganesha is ready. Place him on a slice of beetroot as his seat with some rice and a coin underneath.
  14. Worship Ganesha with flowers and kumkum.

Make this Ganesh Chaturthi more special by getting kids to create their own Ganeshas at home or school and worship them heartily.

Letspractise wishes you all a Happy Ganesh Chaturthi