Science behind Lord Ganesh immersion in water

Ganesh immersion science It’s ten days since we invited Lord Ganesha into our homes. He has showered his blessings on us and its time to bid farewell to him. At this time, one wonders how the practice of idol immersion in water was born. Here is the science for the same.
Fresh water fills up in lakes and ponds during the rainy season. To reserve this, the old clay or soil at the bottom needs to be dug out, aired and replaced. So traditionally, people have made the idol of Lord Ganesh with this clay. We worship this idol with turmeric and other natural #herbs during the Ganesh festival and immerse the idol in the same #water #source from which it was made.

Due to their #natural healing properties, the herbs help the #aquatic plant and animal life to #flourish. That’s a great reason to abandon plaster idols and go back to traditional #eco-friendly #practices. We can see that time honoured traditions have their basis in science and logic.
A few groups have also fallen back on science to provide answers to environment friendly disposal methods of POP idols. Citizens of Kolhapur and Nashik have come up with innovative ideas and have taken up the initiative to implement them.  They have demonstrated that science is not only something to be taught in classrooms, but also to be practically implemented.

If every household takes small steps to be eco-friendly, we can make great strides towards a green and joyous festival season.
#practise #save #environment.

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