What does Peace mean to you?

September 21st is celebrated as International Peace Day across the world.


But “What is Peace?”
If someone looked up this word in the dictionary, chances are it would say something about tranquility, and non-violence.
But in my opinion it is much more than that – “It is the feeling that everything is right with the world.” How do you experience it? When everyone around you in your family, your circle of friends and your neighborhood is happy, eager to love, accept and relate, you feel at peace.
Peace for me is making someone smile – Just imagine a world where everyone laughs and smiles at each other. How wonderful it is just to imagine! This world will be a heaven.

Try giving your old and unused toys to a poor child. A toy that is of no use to you anymore can be the thing of joy for someone, it will bring a smile to his face. The feeling you get after watching that poor child smile because of you is “Peace”. Make an effort of putting a smile on someone’s face and you’ll never be forgotten. It gives your heart a lift and helps create a cycle of happiness that is infectious in the best kind of way.

Making someone smile may change the world; maybe not the whole world, but their world.
So on this International Peace day – “Be the reason someone smiles today”. If you have the power to make someone smile; DO IT, the world needs more of that.  link

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