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Newspapers – Why should children read them ?

Newspapers are one of the simplest methods to convey events to the rest of the world. They have been in service for a very long time and have still not gone out of fashion.

With the advent of technology, news-reading has left the arena of paper and ink, and has reached the smartphones in our hands. But that does not mean that reading newspapers has become a dying habit. In India alone, over a hundred thousand newspaper publications are registered with the Registrar of Newspaper for India who has a collective circulation of over 250 million every day. Though Hindi is the major language used in print, Indian newspapers are printed in 22 different languages for the benefit of the people all over the country. These numbers alone justify how newspapers affect the daily life of any commoner.

Personal growth and development

           Newspaper reading is very important habit to inculcate in children. It teaches a child to read, to listen, and the importance of patience. Children develop a  habit of justifying things with fact-based, fool-proof logic, before coming to believe in anything. Newspapers teach children the art of sitting down and thinking over things before making an opinion.

A newspaper is like a reality check for  children. They understand what intrigues them the most, what fascinates them the best, what they find the most exciting in the world. Reading a newspaper can help the child to formulate opinions about what they want to be when they grow up.  

It should also be noted that newspaper articles are usually crafted by people who are exceptionally learned and can write brilliantly. As a result, a newspaper teaches children a lot about language. It not only makes them good readers and listeners, but it can also make them good writers. Reading newspaper in any language inculcates a better understanding of that language and how it is to be used.

inculcates civic sense

Children need to care about issues that concern the world, as it will eventually concern the individual at some point in time, in some way or the other. As the habit of reading newspapers develops in children, they learn ways to gain, accept and even filter knowledge from all around the world. Newspapers help a child a lot in their formative years and help them to grow into responsible, good human beings.

            A newspaper comprises of various sections and contributes different news from all around the world. International and national issues, local events, sports developments, scientific advancements of the most innovative technologies, all are covered in a newspaper. It tells children about everything that is right as well wrong about the world and develops the zeal in them to contribute to the development of society.

appeals to the creative side 

Newspapers are one place that is known to print some of the most exceptional photographs from around the world. These photographs may be clicked by some of the best photographers and children get exposed to such artistic wonders. They get to see the beautiful world from the eyes of someone else. A photograph is always more attractive than mere written words and can speak a story of its own. The colorful photographs are indeed what keep young kids attracted to newspapers in the first place.

useful information

            Newspapers also have weekly inserts catering to specific domains like employment, education, fashion, art, culture, entrepreneurship and lifestyle.  These are a veritable treasure chest of information. Often there are columns related to latest events, innovations and counselling in the above areas. There is also a section related to happenings in and around town, like exhibitions, interesting movies, plays, music, art, dance, and family events like Happy Streets.

Newspapers can be fun 

Often, children prefer to read fiction over non-fiction. This is a good habit, as it develops imagination and vocabulary. Some newspapers like NewsShuttle are children-friendly; comprising of various fun articles, detective stories, games, comic sections and puzzles.  Other examples of newpapers for younger children are  The Young chronicle, the Children’s post, Robinage. Teenagers can graduate to reading The Indian Express, The Hindu and The Times of India.

good readers also study better

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