8 Innovative Ways to Teach/Learn Maths using FIFA World cup

The FIFA fever is on. Come what may, young and old, all are sitting with their eyes hooked on the TV screen watching the World Cup football finals. Children, especially, are addicted to the game and insist on watching it, no matter how late the hour. Parents have no other choice but to be clever in persuading kids to pursue studies using World Cup resources. Is it possible? Definitely yes.

Innovative ways of learning Maths using FIFA World Cup

Letspractise sheds some light on some innovative ways to teach or learn Maths using the FIFA World Cup.

1. The CSI Maths Mystery-the Missing FIFA Football  World Cup 2018 Soccer

Kids in primary school are just going to love this game. It involves the mystery of the missing football where students have to narrow down the list of suspects by completing the tasks one by one. Topics covered include addition, subtraction, multiplication and division apart from place value.

2. Year 2 World Cup Maths 2018-All topics- differentiated levels

For kids in class 2, this Maths pack covers it all with differentiated levels called Challenge, Super challenge and Super Super challenge. With an exhaustive set of 30 problems at each level, the kid is made to revise all Maths topics of classes 2 & 3 based on World Cup activities.

3.  World Cup Maths

This interesting Maths pack is just the thing for football fanatics. Ideal for secondary students aged 7-11, it uses statistics and data, word problems and mental Maths to peak up academic skills.

4. World cup Russia 2018 Maths Challenge

This World Cup Maths Challenge is the Best bet for kids in middle school. Right from ratio, fraction and percentages to Mean, Median and Mode, this  Maths Pack covers it all in 5 complete worksheets. Even metric conversions and problems involving the calculation of speed and distance.

5. The World Cup from Oxfam

This useful resource for 9-14 yr olds includes Maths worksheets on Ratio, Probability, Percentages, and Fractions. With a colourful slideshow as an added attraction, this cross-curricular resource keeps the student fully occupied with both Maths and the World Cup. Other subjects like English, Geography, etc are also covered in this pack.

6. FIFA World Cup Russia Maths Worksheet

Based on the Russia 2018 World Cup, this worksheet aiming at ages 11-14 helps to revise core Maths topic and consolidate them. Covering topics like ratio, fractions, percentages, area, symmetry, sequences, etc., this Worksheet is the right tool that keeps kids in key stage 3 or classes 7-9 on the academic track while savouring FIFA football.

7. World Cup 2018 Maths quiz

Slated for the 11-14 age group or even higher, this World Cup Maths quiz can reply get students going with their Maths homework. This free Maths pack covers several topics like map scales, number problems, flag symmetries, statistics and more. All students have to do is print the flags and data sheets and soon they will be engrossed in this Maths activity in no time.

8. World Cup Maths activities

This free downloadable resource is a Maths treasure for students in high school. The topics covered are Probability, Mean & Range, Time, Trigonometry, Angles, Vectors, Plotting graphs, etc. All the activities are centred around the World Cup and hence are thoroughly interesting and informative.

The World Cup 2018 is an exhilarating experience. Allow students to enjoy it while shooting their goals for Maths this year using the above World Cup Maths resources recommended by education experts. Look for more such informational content on the LetsPractise site which is an abundant reservoir of knowledge for all students.

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