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How Can Teachers Ease the First Day at School for Students?

The first day of school is a big one not only for students. It is also important for teachers, as it is their prime responsibility to ensure that the day goes on without any hitch. In working toward this, teachers have to meticulously plan and seamlessly execute tasks in fine fashion.

6 Tips for Teachers to Ease the First Day of School for Students

Here are some tips that can help teachers ease the first day of school for students.

1. Keep calm and focussed

Although you have probably been teaching for a long time, it is the first day of that particular standard for the students. Remember your first day at school and how you felt? The students probably feel the same way. You should also be aware of what students expect of you.  

More than anything, students expect their class teachers to create a warm and welcoming atmosphere in class. The first day sets the tone for the rest of the school year. So, take a deep breath, relax, meditate, and be focussed

2. Arrive to class first

A teacher’s job is to mould children and guide them in the right direction. This can be one only by inculcating students with good values and leading by example. To begin with, arrive early and be the first one in class. 

Students will be impressed by your sense of punctuality and try to emulate you. Arriving first also gives you time to plan out the day’s activities. You also get some much needed alone time before the big day.

3. Write a welcome message on the board

Students must have a warm and welcoming feeling when they enter the class on the first day. This will help school start on a positive note and give good vibes for the students throughout the year.

Write an inspiring, funny, or interesting welcome message on the board. add your name to it to help the students get acquainted with you. You can even draw some cartoons, pictures, or graphics to grab the attention of the students and make them feel interested in the class.

4. Look at the student roster and time table

Acquaint yourself with the students. This can be done by reading their names from the class student register or student roster. Also, have a look at the timetable for the day to see which classrooms and subjects the students are coming from.

5. Have a class orientation

A class orientation will help establish the ground rules and tell the students what you expect from them. In turn, ask the students what they expect from you in terms of class and academic support. This will help ease the students with the transition to a higher standard, familiarise them with the teacher, and foster a friendly relationship.

6. Other tips for the first day

Apart from these above tasks, please bear in mind the following suggestions while dealing with students on the first day.

  • Be polite and friendly
  • Be patient in your interaction
  • Allow students to open up and ask questions in class
  • Some students might have some fear of attending school. Deal with those students with extra care and kindness.
  • Some students might be belligerent or difficult to handle. Try laying down the rules of discipline firmly yet politely to them.
  • Try to identify if there are students with special needs in the class. They might need extra help.
  • Treat all students equally without bias. Give everyone a fair chance.
  • Make the students feel that they are part of the family.
  • Develop “class spirit” along with competitiveness and sportsmanship by earmarking some daily goal.
  • Try to make the first day as fun and enjoyable as possible for both your and the students. You could instersepe games, songs, dance, theater etc. depending on your subject.

The first day of school is a big event for students and they love to feel welcome. Make this day a memorable one by following the above tips. 

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Make the first day at school the best day for students at school, Practice these simple steps to make student-teacher interaction on the first day at school a grand success.

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