How to help your child in exam preparation?

Exams are stressful not just for children but for parents too! Your child may be taking the exam, but we are sure you will be equally nervous and anxious about it.

The ChildLine National Exam Stress Survey revealed

“96% of the 1300 students who completed the survey felt anxious about exams and revision, with 59% feeling pressure from their parents to do well and 64% saying they have never received any support in dealing with exams”

School teachers take efforts to prepare your child for exams by arranging revision classes and class tests. However, this may only increase the stress your child is facing right now! There are various ways in which you can help her prepare better for exams.

Experts  at ‘Lets Practise’ share three techniques to help your child de-stress and prepare well for exams:

1. Take care of your child’s sleep routine

Lack of sleep has an adverse effect on a child’s memory. Late night studies not only results in low grades but also a possible health hazard. Your child may feel drowsy and unable to recollect what she studied the previous night. If your child’s homework and other activities extend to late in the night, then it would be difficult for her to wake up early. So, plan her activities accordingly so as to not affect her sleep. Make sure that she gets enough to sleep the night before the exam.

Encourage your child to follow an ideal sleep routine and don’t let her exam effect it. Paediatrics recommend children to get 8-10 hours of sleep daily.

2. Provide her healthy food

What children eat has a great impact on their energy and focus levels. Take good care of your child’s diet during exams. Keep junk foods away from her till the exams are over as they can lower the concentration level. Instead, add brain-foods to her diet that aid concentration and memory. Regulate her diet with the right amount of healthy foods since overeating leads to decreased grasping power and fatigue.

If your child has the habit of having tea or coffee then you can serve her a cup or two during the study hours. This will prevent drowsiness and help her stay focused. The meal before the exam is very crucial. Give your child an energetic breakfast with some nuts or chocolates that maintain her energy level throughout the exam.

3. Motivate your child and help her stay relaxed

Parents should be emotionally supportive during exams as children are usually very stressed. You can make sense of her behaviour like irritability, lack of interest, fidgeting with stuff, etc. If you notice such a change then you should talk to her. Ask your child to share her feelings and listen to what she has to say. Make her feel comfortable and secure to share her issues.

If she lacks confidence, motivate her to study effectively so as to do well in exams. You can also help her in the planning the exam schedules and share some relaxation techniques too.

Your support can help your child ace the exams. Try the above three ways to help your child in her examinations and share your feedback with us.

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