Is handwriting actually a reflection of a person’s personality?

HandwritingMost of us simply stop paying attention to handwriting soon after a certain age. We have our own excuses on how being overtly busy and short of time has made us drag the letters along, sometimes to such an extent that anyone else trying to read us would have to use a magnifier. You may start thinking and even believing that it doesn’t matter. But what if you were told that it is at places considered a medium to gauge your personality?

 Is handwriting actually a reflection of a person’s personality?

Our words say more about us than we might think. The popular belief is that writing is a way of expressing. Handwriting speaks volumes of an individual. It is a personal expression, and reflects who the person is on the inside. Everybody’s handwriting is unique, just like one’s fingerprint.

Our writing can determine our goals, willpower, persistence, intellect, initiative, ambition, imagination, self-confidence, vanity, repression, aggression, resentment, anger, integrity and above all sociability .

According to a research, our handwriting can give away clues of about 5,000 different personality traits based on :

  • the way we space our letters,
  • how we sign our name, and
  • even how we connect the letter ‘o’ and ‘s’ to other letters in a word.

Our writing is like an energy. Just as our energy varies from high to low, our moods vary from excitement to sorrow, our writing will vary to reflect this.  However, we are still the same person underneath those moods. Every time we put pen to paper the basic characteristics we possess will surface. We are a combination of dozens of different factors, a unique you that no one else is like. That is why our handwriting is unlike anyone else’s.

Although we are taught the same handwriting style as thousands of other school age children, our handwriting evolves with us as the years go by. It takes on a more personal style. Along with character development as we age, many elements occur during our lifetime that play a part in modifying us : culture, education, family and social background, influences and experiences. Our handwriting wraps ups all of these factors.

This article will help you find out what your writing says about you.

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