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5 Easy and Fun Christmas Gifts to Make with Your Kids

Come December, children are all super-excited as Christmas is here. That means cake, gifts, and of course, Santa Claus.

Children love to celebrate this festival as it involves sharing and caring for the people you love. Children love Christmas mostly for the gifts they exchange and the surprises that Santa leaves them.

Christmastime is a busy time for kids. They have to decorate the Christmas tree, select gifts for their family and friends, write Christmas cards, and more. But the best part of Christmas lies when children make gifts all by themselves for their friends and relatives. Let us help children makes some easy and fun gifts for Christmas.

Easy and Fun Christmas Gifts That Children Can Make

  1. Shell Photo Frames

Shell Photo frames are easily-crafted elegant gifts that children can make to gift their parents or friends. Anyone would love to receive this useful gift crafted by a child with such artistry and affection. Children can make these photo frames with the following readily-available items.

Items required

  • Wooden photo frame
  • Shells, pebbles, beads, or feathers
  • Canvas
  • Crafting glue


Take the wooden frame and mount the canvas at its back and glue it on. Now take the shells, beads or pebbles. Arrange them in a nice pattern around the frame. You can even paint the shells or pebbles if you like. Use your creativity to arrange the shells or beads and glue them on, one by one. Your creative and colourful shell or Bead Photo Frame is ready. gift it to your loved ones and watch them jump with joy on receiving this innovative Christmas gift.

  1. Beaded Keychain

Want to gift Daddy, Grandpa, or your brother a trendy handmade Christmas gift? Then make this beaded key chain all by yourself and surprise them with this artistic gift.

Items required

  • Coloured yarn or twine
  • Keychain rings
  • Coloured beads
  • Tassels or Christmas bells


Take  one end of the thick twine or yarn and twist it around the keychain ring and secure it with a knot. at the other free end, insert beads one by one into the twine string as long as you like. Finally, attach a tassel or Christmas bell at the end. There, your cute little-beaded Keychain is ready in no time. Gift this perfect gift for Christmas to your parents, grandparents or friends and watch them use it lovingly each day proudly.

  1. Hand Printed Coffee Mugs

Mummy and Daddy love their cup of coffee. Why not gift them a coffee mug, especially hand printed by you. Let’s do it!

Items required

  • Plain coffee mug
  • Permanent markers
  • Glitters
  • Glue


Take a plain coffee mug. Decide what message you want to inscribe on the mug. You can print messages like ” I love you Mom” or “Merry Christmas” on the mug. Write the message with heart, bell or balloon images in between, using permanent markers. Use glitters on the hearts and stick them with glue to give a special effect. Offer this personalized Christmas gift to your parent and watch them beam with pride.

  1. Spoon Christmas Tree

It’s Christmas time and we need a tree. Make your own Christmas tree with some plastic spoons. How to do It? Take a look.

Items required

  • Birthday cap or Paper clown cap
  • Plastic spoons – 2 dozens
  • Plastic spray paint – green colour
  • Scissors
  • Crafting glue


Take the plastic spoons and cut off the handles using scissors. Now take the paper cone and keep it upright. Start sticking the spoon pieces from the bottom to the top with glue. Fix the spoon ladles in alternate lines without any gap. Now pain them all in green colour. Sprinkle some white birthday cake spray on top for a snow effect. Your Christmas tree is ready and can b gifted to your family or friends.

  1. Christmas Ring

Christmas rings with green moss and ribbons are hung on Christmas trees. Make these lovely Christmas ornaments at home using just pasta! Unbelievable? Just try!

Items required

  • Wooden embroidery ring
  • Raw Pasta shells
  • Green coloured  plastic spray paint
  • A red ribbon tied as a bow
  • Crafting glue


Take the wooden embroidery ring. Start pasting the pasta shells onto the ring with glue leaving some space at the top for the red ribbon bow. Paint the dried pasta shells in green colour. Attach the ribbon bow at the top. Now your Christmas ring is ready. Hang it on your Christmas tree or gift it your friends. They will simply love this creative gift.

Making Christmas gifts requires only some skill and practice. Learn more such useful tips from our practice learning site to upgrade your creative and scholastic skills.

Enjoy your Christmas with these DIY gifts that you can make by yourself and savour the spirit of Xmas. You can use them for New Year and other holidays as well.

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays from LetsPractise!


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