Is my child getting the right nutrition ?

Nutrition Child DietParents always want to offer the best nutrition for their child. They are always keen to know most appropriate foods as per the child’s age. How the food looks, how it tastes and whether the child accepts it are major factors in whether the food is adopted by the mother – but the nutrition quotient in the food must also be considered.
Most parents rely on doctors for knowledge and information about right foods. Unfortunately, doctors are busy in their clinics and offer limited advice. Food for infants and children is usually determined by tradition, suggestions by family and friends, family food habits and the mother’s own opinions. The end result is often the wrong choice of food and incomplete nutrition. Choice of food gets guided more by taste rather than on health benefits.
There is so much junk food available everywhere – easy access and peer pressure makes our children gravitate towards empty calories, rather than healthy fresh food. Today 1/3 to 1/2 of all children will develop diabetes in their lifetime, where 1/3 are overweight; where lots of diseases like cancer, ADHD and autism are on the rise.
Children are wise, and given the right information and tools, they will change the world and their bodies for the better.
So much information is available on the internet today. We can read about the nutritional benefits of various types of food and the quantities in which they can be balanced. There are scores of veg. recipes, and ideas, that can attract the child towards healthy food.

With honest information, we can make the best decisions for ourselves and for our children. Let’s take charge of our children’s health and help this generation of children eat a healthy diet so that our children can live a long and healthy life.

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