Smart Classrooms are a big hit among students as they are interactive, informative, and innovative. These classrooms have a viewing screen connected to a projector. The teacher shows prepared multimedia presentations and projects them on to the screen using a laptop.

For pointing out the topics, the teacher may use a digital pen instead of chalk pieces or markers. The information displayed on the screen is stored online for repeated use. This sort of learning environment allows students and knowledge to thrive.

Here are some of the advantages that Smart Classrooms have over traditional ones.

  1. Interesting and Informative

Let’s face it. Most students nowadays find blackboard classes with monotonous lectures rather plain and boring. Smart Classes add flavour and zing. They are highly interactive with multi-media inputs.

The use of graphics, 3D animation and multimedia make it really interesting and appealing to students. The lessons are turned into interactive sessions and Smart Classrooms make learning fun.

  1. Increased Understanding and Retention

Since most lessons are depicted on screen visually, they become easily imprinted on the student’s brain. Chemical reactions are shown live and biological processes are depicted visually as well. A picture is  worth a thousand words after all.

This makes it easy for children to understand, retain, and recollect concepts. Since the sessions are enjoyable, there is also a higher chance that the student will stay alert and pay attention rather than dozing off or talking to friends.

  1. Anytime Access

The  key advantage of digital technology is anytime access. E-learning helps children explore topics online 24×7 to widen the horizons of their knowledge. Early in the morning or late at night. It doesn’t matter. Even during holidays or the weekend, the notes can be viewed.

With the lessons uploaded online, the student can pull up the information at any time and from anywhere as long as they have an internet connection. With almost everyone having smartphones these days, this is huge.  

  1. Easy to Stay Updated

Since the lesson is stored online, it can be reloaded and repeated anytime. This is a unique advantage for students who were absent or late-learners who need a repeat session.

It also removes the need to repeating since students can catch up on the day’s work even if they were absent. Even those who join school a few days or a week late can just refer to the online notes. They can stay up to date.

The Smart Classroom can also have a list of homework, upcoming chapters, quizzes, tests, and exams can also be shared which allows students to stay prepared and on top of things. This is also of utmost benefit during class revisions and when preparing for examinations.

  1. Caters to all Students

A class is a healthy mix of students of varying backgrounds. Everyone is different. Some prefer audio while others like visual stimuli. Certain students learn best by writing down notes, or repetition. One batch of students can grasp information rather quickly but the other batch may require more time. This doesn’t mean that they are not intelligent.

Also, just because a student is strong in English doesn’t mean that they will perform great in mathematics or science, and vice versa. The Smart Classroom ensures that all students grasp the concepts irrespective of their IQs by employing audio-visual aids. Students are free to learn at their own pace and in the way they like best.  

  1. Excellent for Academics

Since concepts are lucid and easily understood, students score better through Smart Classrooms. The visual images and live videos make even tough concepts easy to understand and remember. The lessons can be reviewed again for practise and this helps in revision.

For slow learners, the Smart Classrooms are a boon as they don’t need to stop the lesson midway. They can learn a difficult area at their own pace. They can also catch up at home or in their free time. It is not difficult to see that all these attributes of the Smart Classroom pave the way for better scores.

Learn in a Smart Manner with LetsPractise

Those were the six advantages of Smart Classrooms over traditional ones. This isn’t to say that traditional learning doesn’t have its merits, though. At Lets Practise, we have seen the future. Smart Classrooms will revolutionize learning. They are a new breed of education. We know this and offer your child a way to stay ahead of the game.

Let’s Practise has practise papers, revision sheets, suggested questions, and mock exams for a variety of subjects, school boards, and standards. These will help keep your child sharp, improve weak subjects and boost their performance on strong or middle subjects. Your school may not have Smart Classrooms, but we can help your child become the smartest in the classroom.

Take a look at the plans we have, and be sure to contact us if interested.

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