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10 Ways Parents Can Help Children On Their First Day of School

Whether your child is going to school for the first time, they are going to attend a new school, or they’ve just moved up to the next standard, the first day of school is tremendous.

The first day sets the tone for what’s to come and what to expect. If you’re sending your child to their first day of school, then you must be as nervous as your child. He/she might be reluctant, afraid, or unwilling to go to school and you might be anxious, worried, and fretful. 

Don’t worry. There are ways for parents to help children to the first day of school.

How Can Parents Help Children on Their First Day of School?

Parents can make the first day of school easier for children by following these simple tips.

  1. School Tour

Children have a fear of the unknown. Dispel this notion about the school as a scary place by taking your child there a day earlier. With the required permission obtained duly from the authorities, take your child on a tour around the school. 

Let your child have a look at the school, class, playground, etc. This will help the child quickly adjust to the school on the first day.

  1. Fun

Talk to your child about how fun school can be.

Children hate school only when school is portrayed as a place for studying and nothing else. Depict a picture of the school as a place to hang out with friends, play and have fun. Paint a picture of the interesting activities at school like games, quizzes, contests, drama, and dance programs. 

You can even recall nostalgic memories and tell stories of the fun times you had at school to make your child understand how school life can be.

Let your child look forward to the first day of school with anticipation and not apprehension.

  1. Schoolmate

Introduce your child to a fellow child in the same class.

School can be fun when you have someone to share it with. See if you can make acquaintance with other parents and introduce your child to another child in his/her class. This will give your child someone to relate to and feel more eager to attend school.

  1. Get Ready

Teach your child to get ready for school. Getting ready for school is a Himalayan task. Your child should be self-reliant and get ready for school all by themselves. Daily chores like brushing, bathing, combing hair, tying shoes, packing the school bag, tying shoes, etc. must be taught to children beforehand. This will help the child be on time and help them become independent later in life.

  1. Morning Drill

Practice the drill every morning

The first day of school has a hectic morning. Practice this morning drill with your child. Get them into the habit of waking up early. It will make them conscious of what is to be done and how much time to take for each task. This practice will help your child to master the morning drill for school with ease.

  1. Importance

The primary objective of going to school is learning. Tell your child the importance of learning at school and listening attentively in class. Teach them not to get distracted by other matters or talk to their friends while the teacher is teaching. This will make academics easier for them.

Familiarize your child with the working hours, teachers, lunch rooms, etc. This prepares your child for the school routine and enlightens them on what is expected of them at school.

  1. Roleplay

A role play of the first day? What a brilliant idea. Yes, have a role play of the first day and enact with your child the entire day’s routine. Do the entire gig from waking, brushing, bathing, dressing in uniform and getting ready for school. This helps your child develop a habit. Roleplaying can not only be fun but a great way to equip your child with an awareness of the school routine.

  1. Lunch

Prepare tasty treats for your child to take to school. Lunchtime is a fun time for children at school. Opening up the tiffin boxes for the sweet surprises, sharing them with friends, and eating together are memorable events. All this will be fun for your child. It also gives your child something delicious to look forward to at school. 

  1. Materials

Get your child all the things they need for school. Every child wants to begin the first day with new belongings. Get your child the full works – a new schoolbag, lunch bag, water bottle, snack box, pencil box, stationery, notebooks, etc. Let your child go to school fresh and new.

  1. After School Surprise

Plan something for your child after he/she comes home from the first day of school.  This could be a game, a movie, a family outing, or their favorite food. This will help your child feel refreshed after the exhausting first day.

The first day of school is the beginning of many more happy days to come. Help your child usher in the first day of school with composure and confidence by following the above tips.

Practice Helps Children Be Ready for Their First Day

Practice the school routine and also get your child to practise school work daily with the help of online practice learning sites like LetsPractise.

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